Fair Play (Film)

Everything comes with a price….that’s just FAIR PLAY.
Freedom is beautiful, talented, has a heart of gold, and is in love with the wrong man for all the right reasons. Freedom loves Malcolm with every single fiber in her body, unfortunately the only person Malcolm loves… is Malcolm. Freedom knows that her man has a weakness for the ladies, but she’s praying that he will get his act together. Five years is a long time to invest in a relationship and just walk away. Will Freedom continue to allow Malcolm to take her on an emotional rollercoaster? Freedom and her half sister Sasha are total opposites.
Sasha is driven by money and is willing to do anything and everything to get what she wants. She truly lives by the motto “By Any Means Necessary”. But has she finally met her match in her MARRIED boyfriend, Jay? How much will it take for Sasha to change her scandalous and gold digging ways?

Virtual Premiere | Saturday, September 4, 2021 @6pm

$10 General Admission