Love Is

Love Is… will take you on an roller-coaster of emotions and a personal journey of self-discovery. Displaying the beautiful and the ugly side of love.

Malik James and Keith Davis are childhood best friends and business partners. Everything in their world is perfect until…

Malik has a serious love hangover and is burnt out on love, until he meets Dru a beautiful upcoming visual artist. Once again Malik thinks he has found “The One”; until his scheming ex-Kennedy decides she wants him back. Unlike Malik, the last thing Keith is looking for is love. He is perfectly content with his no strings attached relationship with Jade. Keith feels if he is honest with the ladies; there will be no misunderstandings and hurt feelings. He gets what he wants and they get what they need. Everything is great until his free-loving ways come back to haunt him. In the center of Malik and Keith’s drama is London and Dante. The only thing they can agree on is their marriage is definitely on the brinks. London only sees Dante as a roadblock on her path to stardom and Dante is growing tired of playing the role of the devoted husband.

Love Is… is a JalaWorld Production in association with IDO Media