Whats Next!? Episode 121: Fair Play

I’m just getting this episode up! Its great to link back up with my family as she prepares to release her fourth visual under Jala World! Jala and I talk again about her new film Fair Play. She defines herself at Tired and in the current moment PERSISTENT (4:11). In episode 63, Jala says that people should take the continuing evolution of her work, the same goes with Fair Play (6:16). The writing process wasn’t difficult in that she revamped her Karma Play (17:51). SHe sites HER as an artist she listened to while writing! (28:31).

With 140 days left, (32:57) she wants to take care of herself! Most Importantly we find out Whats Next!? (37:18) for Jala Jenkins! This episode is dedicated to my son! I love you John Ross Dike II bka Baby D rest in paradise/Heaven; when I see you again I would have served my purpose! Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 121 of the Whats Next!? Podcast a production of Still Visionary Inc.

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