Whats Next!? Episode 63: D.O.M. (Definition of Manhood)

Definition of Manhood, which I shortened to D.O.M. for purposes of space drops tonight (05/02/20) at 6 PM CST. (CLICK THE EVENTBRITE LINK BELOW FOR THE PREMIERE TONIGHT!) For that very reason I initially thought should I make this a Tuesday drop and Jala requested to drop at NOON! Back at it again, my sister and I are talking about her new project “Definition of Manhood” This is what my podcast is all about; whenever the creative process has occurred I want the inside scoop. Jala states that the one word that describes her style and her personally is Drama for her style because she will always have a twist and and Calm for her because “THE ONLY DRAMA I’M GOING TO HAVE IN MY LIFE IS THE DRAMA ON PAPER”! On this podcast, we talk about What people should take in regards to Definition of Manhood (4:56), Creativity comes from Experiences (8:37), What Songs on your mind!? (21:16)for Jala Lose by Tammy Rivera & Enough by LeviSays and for me Boss U Up by Damaria Daniels, We have (insert number of days left) days left… (35:00) and more! Check out the Is it a Vibe segment featuring Fred Malone III’s song Private Party V2 (30:36)! Most importantly they tells us Whats Next!? This episode is dedicated to my son! I love you John Ross Dike II bka Baby D rest in paradise/Heaven; when I see you again I would have served my purpose! Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 63 of the Whats Next!? podcast a production of Still Visionary, Inc.

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