Ashlie Young role of Lauren Foster

Ashlie Young is a well-known Poet, Motivational Speaker, and Actress from Houston, Texas, by way of Atlanta, GA. Ever since early childhood, she showed forth a special happiness that excites everyone who has met her. Throughout her lifetime, she has had the privilege of showcasing her gifts and talents within the performance industry. Ashlie, simply known by many as “NEO2RIZE”, has been lighting up the Houston poetry scene as a Featured poet for many venues throughout the city and surrounding areas. She has received a countless number of awards and recognitions for her work as a positive individual to younger generations, as well as those effected by misfortune. She accredits most of her success to her belief in Prayer and her ability to use the gift of Poetry and Performance artistry to inspire others. “Prayer and poetry have been the only things keeping me grounded throughout all the craziness going on in the world around me.” She is in pursuit of her Master’s degree to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and desires to continue Blessing the world with her many gifts & talents.